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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Port of Kalama engages structural engineering team to evaluate weather-worn Totem Poles at Marine Park

With weathering and wear of the iconic wooden structures, the Port contracted WRK Engineers to examine the condition of the totems

While the Lelooska Totem Poles are beloved structures hosted at the Port of Kalama, time and weather exposure have taken their toll. As a result, the Port of Kalama contracted WRK Engineers to evaluate the structural integrity of the tallest of the wooden symbols standing 140’ high.

The Port engaged the engineering firm to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the tallest pole and its current ability to withstand strong winds and other weather. Early findings show impairment has affected the structural integrity of the pole—and thus the public safety of keeping it installed.

Port of Kalama Board of Commissioners last night declared the project to take down the 140’ pole an emergency action and instructed staff to immediately investigate options to remove the pole. An emergency action is taken when there’s a risk to public safety.

Staff will work with the engineering team to determine the best way to move the pole without creating further damage. The other totem structures will remain upright for now.

The Port is in close communications with the family who owns the totem poles to determine the best solution to potentially restore and maintain them.

The Port encourages visitors to be aware of contractor activity in the area around the structures and to watch for further updates to the plight of the Kalama icons.

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Discover! Come play at the Port of Kalama!

Welcome Summer! There’s no better season to enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor recreation that abound here in Kalama.

As a key contributor to the Kalama community, the Port is responsible for providing and enhancing public recreational opportunities. Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, the Port of Kalama is home to miles of walking paths, water activities and world-class fishing, a state-of-the-art marina and acres of public parks.

Port of Kalama’s celebrated parks offer:

  • Beaches and waterfront for boating and fishing
  • Sporting facilities for soccer, baseball, tennis, football
  • Equestrian arena
  • Picnic facilities and covered areas
  • Walking paths
  • Expo area for events


The Port operates and maintains these gorgeous parks for the community to enjoy—and all at no cost to the public. Come visit!

  • Haydu Park
  • Marine Park
  • Louis Rasmussen Park
  • Port of Kalama Marina


Port of Kalama’s Transportation Interpretive Center

NEW WEEKEND HOURS 11a – 4p Saturday and Sunday

In addition to public parks and recreational amenities, the Port of Kalama opened a beautiful Transportation Interpretive Center in November, 2014 to showcase its rich history. Exhibits track Kalama’s early inhabitants, the Cowlitz Tribe, and the settlers that followed over the next 100 plus years including renowned Oregon Trail writer Ezra Meeker. Displays illustrate how Kalama’s particular landscape gave birth to a booming transportation system impacting the area both culturally and economically— ultimately transforming the area into its position today as an internationally-connected community. The Interpretive Center not only tells the story of how Kalama was settled but treats visitors to artful display models and replicas.


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Discover! What’s new at Spencer Creek Business Park—how is that a part of the Comprehensive Plan?

In the late 1990s Port of Kalama commissioners started considering the future needs of the community and investments required to keep the Kalama’s economic engine on track creating jobs and strategic growth. The result of that thoughtful planning process is the beginning of the Spencer Creek Business Park. Port predecessors worked strategically for decades to plan and prepare for the success the region is now experiencing.

The Port’s economic assessments identified a future need for additional mixed-use development along I-5 and for additional recreational opportunities. The Port included the assessment in its Comprehensive Scheme and Plan of Harbor Improvements and began purchasing land as it became available.

The ‘Comp Scheme’ planning process is open to the public and the community is invited to comment on proposed economic and recreational planning that culminate in the Port’s Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement that will benefit Kalama long into the future. The Port of Kalama conducts an annual strategic planning process to target investments, land acquisitions and community amenities to achieve plans outlined in the Comp Scheme.

“All of our Port developments—from the Kalama River Industrial Park to marina upgrades and development of the recreational facilities like Haydu Park—are driven by our Comp Scheme and strategic plan and our observation of what the region needs for economic and recreational health deep into the future,” says Mark Wilson, executive director, Port of Kalama. “With development moving north from Clark County up I-5—we are in a natural position to be the location of the next stage of development. And because of decades of careful planning, we are prepared for it. We’ll have local control over what happens at the site and what kinds of businesses are recruited—we’ll do it in a way that is wise and appropriate for our community.”

The land at Spencer Creek Business Park is still being surcharged to prepare for construction, and the next phase of development will include road improvements, curbs, sidewalks, utility extensions and all of the critical infrastructure to serve the area’s growth and prosperity.

Thanks to responsible planning over decades the Port enjoys a thriving recreational system with parks and playgrounds, a new sports complex, and popular riverfront, pathways and marina enhancements. All of these business and recreational assets improve the health, livability and economy here—and all without any Port-levied taxes.

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