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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Discover! New marina amenities at Port of Kalama and more on the way soon!

We’ve come a long way! Earlier this year the Port of Kalama embarked on a comprehensive marina renovation project that would enhance and update the popular riverfront facility for patrons and guests. With a world-class facility in mind—designed for fishing, boating and water recreation—the Port has made great strides this year to create the renovations and upgrades to the Port of Kalama Marina that have ultimately enhanced the user experience.

The Port today announces that the following enhancements are complete:

  • The boat launch has been replaced with two lanes open for launch traffic.
  • All docks have been replaced at the boat launch and fuel dock.
  • A state-of-the-art fuel system and new digital self-service pump have been installed—accepting Visa, Mastercard, and Voyager credit cards and open 24 hours a day.
  • Waler boards and power pedestals have been replaced in boathouse C.
  • Gangways have been replaced at the fuel dock and boat ramp


Marina project upgrades still underway include:

  • Waler board replacements in Boathouses A and B AND C.
  • Boathouse utilities like the new metal pedestals and electricity—which are underway in all houses.


While there is still amphitheater construction in Marine Park and Louis Rasmussen Park, walking paths have been repaved with new lighting and are open for visitors.

Port of Kalama’s celebrated parks are all open for business and offer incredible amenities and popular venues for family enjoyment:

  • Beaches and waterfront for boating and fishing
  • Sporting facilities for soccer, baseball, tennis, football
  • Equestrian arena
  • Picnic facilities and covered areas
  • Walking paths
  • Expo area for events


Please sign up for email project updates at under the contact tab, and follow the Port on Facebook, where there will be updates and information for marina users. Marina patrons can also sign up for email notices and updates by filling out the form here.

Questions can also be directed to the Port administrative office 360-673-2325 at any time.

“We understand what marina interruptions mean to our valued patrons and visitors and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we complete the biggest marina renovation project since it was originally built,” says Mark Wilson, executive director, Port of Kalama. “While there will be short-term construction, we believe the end product will restore the marina so it can be enjoyed for decades to come.”

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Discover! A history of stewardship on the river

Like other Pacific Northwest ports, Port of Kalama is an economic and environmental steward of the regional river system. The Port collaborates with regional organizations like Our Working Rivers, Pacific Northwest Waterways Association and Washington Public Ports Association to ensure the health of our river system.

Three main rivers running through the Pacific Northwest—the Columbia River, Willamette River and the Snake River—all support the livelihood of our communities, economy, recreation and quality of life. More than 40,000 jobs in the Pacific Northwest exist because of our strong maritime commerce.

With a key economic and recreational location on the Columbia River, it is the mission of the Port of Kalama to keep the river working for the entire community. The Columbia River plays a vital role in the commerce and trade that support our town. In fact, Kalama was founded because of our place on the river.

Today, 50 million tons of cargo travel up and down the Columbia River. It is the third largest grain export gateway in the world, exporting more than 50% of the nation’s wheat.

We’re all interconnected through our rivers.

Kalama is more resilient and prosperous because of our location on the Columbia River and its connection to the global marketplace. Port of Kalama joins other Pacific Northwest ports as the economic engines of our region working with shippers, barge lines, export companies and farmers to transport cargo like grain, automobiles, lumber and steel up and down the Columbia River safely, efficiently and successfully.

Our River. Our Livelihood. Our Quality of Life.

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To our fellow Kalama Community

Like you, we are saddened to see the results of the weather exposure the Lalooska totem poles have endured over time. We’d like to clarify just a few points.

  • Port of Kalama does not own these poles—we are the host venue.
  • We are working closely with the family of owners to help them with the best way to determine the future of the pole.
  • The Port is investing in engineering consultants to help us—and the family—understand the best—and safest—way to bring the tallest totem to the ground for more evaluation.
  • Until we all know how the tallest totem has been impacted by weather and exposure, we don’t yet know the best solution.
  • We want to keep everyone up-to-date as we receive more information from both engineering teams and the family that owns these treasures.
  • There are three totems that will remain upright at this location while we analyze the tallest which stands at 140’.
  • Engineering specialists advised the Port of Kalama commission that the tallest totem is a potential safety hazard as it is not likely to withstand riverside winds as it once did.
  • The totems are hosted at one of the Port’s most-visited public parks—public safety at Port parks and beaches is our number one concern and priority.


We hope that the Kalama community understands that we are doing the best we can to move quickly with engineering and the family of owners to assure a timely solution for the totem.

Thank you all so much for your patience as we identify the best route to proceed.


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