East Port Annexation:

Spencer Creek Business Park & Haydu Park

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Port of Kalama’s East Port?

In 2014 the City of Kalama approved the Port of Kalama’s proposal to annex 260 acres of Port property for both business and recreational purposes.  The annexation made way for the Spencer Creek Business Park and Kalama’s new state-of-the-art recreational facility, Haydu Park, including the Kalama Fairgrounds.  The multi-use business property is expected to boost the area’s economy and job opportunities while strengthening the city’s revenue base.

What is Haydu Park?

Port of Kalama’s much-anticipated 24 acre state-of-the-art recreational facility, Haydu Park, opened in July, 2015. New baseball and soccer fields, a horse riding arena, restrooms & concession stand, tennis courts, basketball courts, on-site parking, and an expo area are just some of the premier features of Haydu Park. The facility also includes trails and access to several thousand feet of Kalama River frontage.

What is Spencer Creek Business Park?
The Port of Kalama is developing the 70-acre Spencer Creek Business Park, located north of Kalama River Road right off of Interstate 5. Facilities will be built out over many years, and construction and operational activities are projected to support more than 1,000 jobs and millions of dollars in new local economic activity. The facility will support a mix of light industrial, office, commercial and retail uses including:

  • Light industrial
  • Commercial/retail
  • Hotel
  • Convenience store
  • Dining

What kinds of businesses does the Port hope to attract?

The Port secured a grant from the State of Washington Department of Community Economic Revitalization Board to identify the businesses that will thrive in the new location while offering optimum economic and community benefits for the region. An economic feasibility study is now underway to help identify how to best maximize the economic and community benefits there.

There are available properties and buildings currently at the Port so why do you think you’ll attract enough business to fill the new business park?The Kalama River Road project is likely to be built out over the next 10 to 20 years, perhaps longer. Some of the sites we are just now developing west of I-5 have been in process for 30 years. Spencer Creek Business Park sites are not ready for the market and won’t be for some time. There is still substantial street, sidewalk, lighting, landscaping and utility infrastructure to complete. We currently have space for just a few more industrial clients west of I-5.

Why is this development good for Kalama?The City and Port together earned the 2014 Governor’s Smart Communities Award for their collaboration on planning the multi-use business property which is expected to boost the region’s available commercial property, economy and job opportunities while strengthening the city’s revenue base. Local municipal revenues should benefit from all upcoming sale and leasehold activity. The Port fully expects the development of Spencer Creek Business Park to attract new commercial businesses to the region and provide more family wage jobs here. The annexation not only expands recreational and employment opportunities, but offers first-rate facilities that will draw visitors and investment from throughout our region and beyond. The Port is financing the associated public improvements including new sidewalks, road upgrades and habitat enhancements at the site.

What are some of the site construction activities coming?

While full build-out will occur gradually over many years, site grading and preparation activities have begun with preloading. Construction activities beginning in the next year will include:

  • Fill to raise the site above 100 year flood plain and installation of rain gardens to convey / treat stormwater
  • Site grading and prep work
  • Placing large, temporary sand piles to help compress soils
  • Improvements to the intersection of Old Highway 99 and Kalama River Road
  • Installation of turning lanes on Kalama River Road and Old Pacific Highway
  • Slight adjustment of Kalama River Road away from current erosion hazards
  • Limited tree removal
  • Tree planting and habitat enhancements, including the creation of new oak habitat

Installation of sidewalks is expected to begin in 2016 following site preparation. The Port will continue to provide updates as development milestones are met and new information is available to share.