Port of Kalama is born!

Quite the Renaissance man, Kalama resident Hite Imus not only led the move to create the Port of Kalama but served as the city’s first mayor, county clerk, prosecuting attorney, […]

The heirs of visionaries.

Here in Kalama, we’re the heirs of visionaries, who a century ago formed the Port of Kalama—in a beautiful land, at a strategic location, along the Columbia River. Grab your […]

If you build it, they will come.

If you build it, they will come. And come they did. Grains. Down the river, through Kalama and out to feed the world. The Port of Kalama’s grain elevator was […]

All hail the USS Oregon!

The USS Oregon—of her many heroic feats, pulling Kalama out from the Great Depression is a local triumph. After serving in several major wars, the Oregon came out of retirement […]

Vroom! Vroom!

The post Depression era found Kalama in a great position to prosper, due to the planning of its leaders in forming the Port. The Port of Kalama stood ready to […]

It’s the place to be!

Look how far you’ve grown, Port of Kalama! The 1990s exploded with infrastructure improvements that continue to attract new businesses and critical manufacturing facilities. The arrival of the Australian company […]

Go with the flow!

Dredging—the process keeps Kalama’s deep draft port navigable and has provided clean recreational beaches. It all began in 1914, when the Columbia River in Kalama was deepened. While Kalama’s fishing […]

When timber was king.

Timber was king in the early days of Kalama. The railroad needed wood for fuel and track ties. And the Gold Rush demanded plenty to shore up mines and also […]

Fish On!

Something fishy happened where the Port of Kalama sits today. The Doty Fish Company was hatched in 1895. Built right on the Columbia River, fishermen could unload their catch directly […]

Remember the 70s? Not Those 70s! The 1870s!

Remember the 70s? No, not those 70s. The 1870s! That’s when Kalama started to become a transportation hub inspired by nationwide railroad construction. One auspicious visitor to come to Kalama […]

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