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Port of Kalama approves budget for 2020, votes again to collect no property taxes from local residents

Decades of strategic planning by past port commissioners ensures the required revenue to maintain port facilities, parks and services for all residents with no taxes collected!

Every year the Port of Kalama commission is required to establish a budget for the following year and declare whether it will levy property taxes on residents living in the Port district. Once again, the Port has elected to pass on collecting property taxes from local residents—even as the 2020 budget was approved for up to $18 million capital projects that will support the local economy and community.

The good news for tax district residents? The port continues to maintain all long-term economic development projects and recreational facilities enjoyed by the general public with existing revenue and no new taxes!

How can we do that? Decades of careful strategic planning and foresight by numerous Port of Kalama commissions have enabled the Port to fulfill its mission based on its current business operations. Long-term decisions like developing the marine terminals, Spencer Creek Business Park and the Kalama River Industrial Park impact the local economy, local jobs and local development. All for the good of the entire community.

As an economic development entity, the Port of Kalama has developed considerable economic muscle to the benefit of Cowlitz County as well as the State of Washington. Just some of the Port’s recent economic contributions include:

• Over $70 million capital investment by the Port of Kalama itself since 2014
• 2018 operating revenue over $16 million and a net revenue over $4.5 million
• 303 ships visited the marine terminal in 2018 providing 69% of Port revenue
• And the Port was named the third largest bulk exporter on the West Coast just behind LA and Long Beach, California

There’s a thriving Circle of Life at the Port

Port of Kalama’s contributions—and those of its business partners—to the economic and cultural well-being of the community exemplify the economic circle of life core to the Port’s success. Every year residents are beneficiaries of the significant capital investment of the businesses here: revenues from wharves, the marina and industrial leases enable the Port to continue creating local jobs while providing public recreational opportunities.

Thanks to this robust Circle of Life, we are able to continue our commitment to serving the public with parks, wharf facilities, walking paths, new amenities like the Westin Amphitheater and more! And our little town has become a unique destination for locals and tourists alike—all creating additional community health in the form of more revenues, more jobs and excellent opportunity.

And so we reflect on an amazing year of progress and prosperity here and look forward to a new year of exciting projects and community connection.

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Kalama Methanol Permit Review / Ecology Information

Port of Kalama echoes the County frustration with how Ecology has handled its review including its request for more information in the October 9, 2019 letter. In particular, we agree with the County that Ecology is ignoring the unprecedented offer of greenhouse gas mitigation. We join the County in the strong belief that it is time to have this project reviewed by the Shoreline Hearings Board because we are confident that it will stand up to that scrutiny. For details see below.

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We’ve got a plan! Port of Kalama completes annual strategic planning to guide projects and budget in 2020 and beyond

It’s been a busy year so far welcoming new tenants to the Port of Kalama, furthering our mission and planning for future projects. The commission and staff held their annual Strategic Planning Meeting last week— reviewing projects for 2020 and up to five years of potential activity.

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Methanol Manufacturing Facility Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Released

The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) for the proposed construction and operation of the Kalama Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility was released today by the co-lead agencies, Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County.

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Methanol Manufacturing Facility FSEIS Released

The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) for the proposed construction and operation of the Kalama Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility was released today by the co-lead agencies, Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County.

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Port of Kalama annual maintenance dredging project starts up in September

The Port of Kalama begins its annual maintenance dredging at the TEMCO grain elevator berth on September 1st and is expected to run through September 30, 2019. The Port board of commissioners awarded the ongoing 2019 maintenance dredging contract to Ross Island Sand and Gravel for $687,225.00, including tax. The project will remove a projected 55,000 cubic yards of material to depths between 43 to 47 feet.

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Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Here is some information about Port facilities and some tips for Holiday safety at the Port:

  • The Port office will be closed. Calls to the office will be routed to voice mail.
  • If you observe fire or other emergency CALL 911!
  • Louis Rasmussen and Marine Parks (near McMenamins)
  • Fireworks are not allowed within the parks on the grass or landscaping.
  • Please contain fireworks on the beach in the sand.
  • Haydu Park will be open during the day, but it will be closed in the evening. Fireworks are not allowed at Haydu Park.
  • North Port: NO FIREWORKS at the North Port.
  • Tradewinds Road will be blocked to vehicle traffic where the gravel begins. You may still walk to the river in this area.


Please encourage safety and courtesy to others and use the extra dumpsters we have provided for trash.

The Sheriff, Kalama Police, and Port security will be patrolling the area.

Please call our office through 5pm on July 3 with questions! 360 673-2325

Have a happy holiday celebration!

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Port of Kalama appoints Marine Terminal Administrator

Former Portland Police Officer, Randy Teig, hired as Facility Security Officer to manage Port marine terminals and security systems


Port of Kalama has appointed former Portland Police Officer, Randy Teig, as Marine Terminal Administrator effective June 1, 2019. Teig, who brings 31 years of experience in public law enforcement, will act as Facility Security Officer (FSO) at the Port and be responsible for managing marine terminals and security systems.

Teig is a Kelso native who most recently worked at the City of Gresham Development Division after retiring from the Portland Police Force in 2018. He is married with four adult children and is a local business owner in Kelso.

“We are thrilled to welcome a law enforcement officer with the experience of Randy Teig—and he’s a local Cowlitz County native!” says Alan Basso, president, Port of Kalama Board of Commissioners. “Randy will assume the important position of Facility Security Officer to administer the security system. Please join us in welcoming this tremendous human resource to the Port.”

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Call out to local vendors! Port of Kalama invites local artists, businesses, crafters and gardeners/farmers to showcase their products at the first-ever Community Market

The Port will host a Wednesday Night Community Market to support local entrepreneurs and artists during McMenamins Summer Concert Series


Port of Kalama is seeking local vendors to participate in its first-ever ‘Wednesday Community Market’ to offer local artisans, gardeners and crafters free space to showcase their locally-produced goods and arts. The innovative pop-up market will be open during the McMenamins Summer Concert Series on Wednesday nights from 6—10 p.m. in Marine Park.

Anyone in Kalama’s 98625 zip-code is welcome to apply for a booth to participate in this first ever local farmers’ and artisan market. Applications are available online here.

Details for booth application

Local applications must be received no later than one week before the scheduled event–though if vendors are interested in reserving a booth now for next week’s June 5th concert, they will be accepted.  Applications are available here. Vendor spaces for the Wednesday Community Market are available for local Kalama (98625) artists, gardeners, crafters, and others wishing to sell their products. While no prepared food or drink that interfere with concert event sponsors will be allowed, local fresh produce is welcome.

Booths must be open and staffed from 6—10 p.m. and set up can begin at 4 p.m. Items that promote political or religious messages are not allowed to be sold or distributed. Any loud or disrupting items or displays that may interfere with the concert or are considered hazardous will not be allowed.

Inspiration to support local artisans

The Port of Kalama’s Wednesday Community Market was inspired by a recent visit to Kalama sponsored by the Cowlitz County Economic Development Commission. Becky McCray, a rural and small town business expert, inspired local government and businesses with ideas to further engage small businesses to enhance community health and livability.

Port of Kalama is seeking to spur local entrepreneurialism with the market that is simple and inexpensive to try.  The hope is to grow small businesses for Kalama.

“We believe that the time is right for a community market here in Kalama—and there’s no better time to launch than our first concert series at the new amphitheater,” says Alan Basso, President of the Port of Kalama Commission. “We’ve got a ready-made audience and space for small businesses to engage local consumers—and we hope that this is a productive way for the Port to further support the business community and local producers.”

The first-ever Wednesday Community Market debuts next Wednesday, June 5, at the first McMenamins Summer Concert Series.

For more information, contact the Port of Kalama at 360-673-2325.

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Port of Kalama Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility

Today, Governor Inslee made an announcement pertaining to the proposed Kalama Methanol Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility project.  As stated in the Governor’s press release, this does not change the state regulatory process, currently underway. The Port and County will continue to complete the supplemental environmental review, with the Final Supplemental EIS expected to be completed late this summer.

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