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An Open Letter to Our Community

As we celebrate this season of gratitude, there are so many reasons to reflect—and celebrate the prosperity and quality of life we experience in our small community.

It may seem like it’s been a year of rapid-fire growth but what some may not know is that our predecessors worked thoughtfully for decades to plan and prepare for the regional success we are now experiencing.

We are grateful for their vision.

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Purpose of this Notice:  The purpose of this notice is to inform the public that the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Draft Supplemental EIS) for the Kalama Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility (the proposed project) is being released for public review and comment. A public hearing will be conducted where the public may comment on the Draft Supplemental EIS. An expanded comment period will begin on November 13, 2018 and end on December 28, 2018. All comments received during the comment period will be reviewed and considered in the preparation of the Final Supplemental EIS.

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Discover! New video tells the story of growing steel industry cluster offering local family wage jobs in Kalama

The growing steel sector at the Port of Kalama exemplifies the economic circle of life core to the mission of the Port commission—creating job opportunities for the Kalama community and the entire region.

An incredible new video tells the story of the economic circle of life created by this growing steel cluster:  Port of Kalama’s Economic Circle of Life.

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Discover! Did you know the Port actively participates in local community events?

At the Port of Kalama, we value both business and civic collaboration. In an effort to support our community, local organizations, and our fellow families and residents we eagerly participate in community events and help promote what’s happening here!

Kalama’s incredible family events offer opportunities for everybody to come together—to celebrate our collective sense of place and community.

Happy Halloween!

One of our favorite local festivities is the annual Halloween Celebration hosted by the Kalama Chamber of Commerce on October 31st. Halloween in Kalama is all about the kids!

The Chamber invites families to visit downtown businesses between 3 and 6 p.m. on Halloween for safe trick or treating—streets are closed to all traffic except the costumed kind! Business owners decorate their storefronts and treat local children to fun and surprises—and the Port is right there with them.

We are honored to participate in this magical event.

The Port of Kalama joins local businesses, the chamber, city and our own industrial tenants for a variety of community celebrations and activities throughout the year.

The Port is not just about business, commerce and industry—we share a proud sense of place and connection with our neighbors and we join you in celebrating these rich traditions.

For a list of family fun and events happening in Kalama click here. Let’s get together!

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Discover! We’re all interconnected through our regional rivers.

Ports and marine-related businesses are vital to the strength of our communities. We cannot afford to take these jobs and our working rivers for granted. Our communities and neighborhoods are more resilient because of the connections our rivers provide to the global marketplace.

More than 40,000 Pacific Northwest jobs are dependent or strongly influenced by Columbia River maritime commerce.

Columbia River ports

Ports are the economic builders of our region. They manage everything from small business incubators to marinas and internet access in their local areas. They also work with shippers, barge lines, export companies and farmers to transport cargo like grain, steel, lumber, and automobiles up and down the Columbia River safely, efficiently and successfully.

Today’s river commerce

Keeping with its heritage, the Columbia River continues its vital role in commerce and trade for the region—as does the Port of Kalama as a busy Columbia River port. Today, 50 million tons of cargo travel up and down the Columbia River. It is the third largest grain export gateway in the world, exporting more than 50% of the nation’s wheat.

Our ports have access to global trade because of our rivers. Many of our communities were born because of their access to international trade. Without this river commerce access, our communities could be underserved and underdeveloped.

Like other Pacific NW Ports, Port of Kalama is a steward of the regional river system working hard to invite commerce to the Pacific Northwest while it protects this valuable natural resource.

Our Rivers. Our Livelihood. Our Quality of Life.

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Discover! New industrial building opens next week—all part of the Port’s mission to create a sound economy and family wage jobs

The new industrial building at the Kalama River Industrial Park opens next week with a Grand Opening celebration on Friday, October 5 from 4—7p. The Kalama community is invited to join us to celebrate the new 120,000 square foot building, its new tenants and healthy economic growth! Enjoy a raffle, games,  food, music, and more.

The Port welcomes its newest tenants, Bridger Steel and Marco Industries, to its beautiful new industrial facility. The two companies are manufacturing entities that play a significant role in the steel manufacturing cluster emerging at the Port. The companies join other organizations like Steelscape, CE Metal Fabrication, Christiansen Enterprises LLC, and Aero-Vac Alloys & Forge to leverage Kalama’s place in the region and create good local jobs. Partnerships like these create long-term opportunities for the next generation of local talent to live, work and raise families close to home.

At the core of the Port of Kalama’s mission is a promise to carefully evaluate community investments—like this new facility, marine terminals, Spencer Creek Business Park, and enhancements to our public parks—to create jobs and enhance public recreational opportunities all while protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources. That careful balance is in the DNA of every single project the Port embarks upon. It is the Port’s job to follow an approved comprehensive plan or Comprehensive Scheme And Plan of Harbor Improvements—required by law—to ensure that the environment, economy and community assets are thoughtfully planned to work in harmony with one another.

Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development. The Scheme identifies opportunities for future investment, operation and development that will benefit the community.

Inviting a growing community of manufacturing businesses to the Port is all a part of the comprehensive plan to create economic development, revenue and job opportunities not only for the Kalama community but the entire region. The Port is now experiencing growth in this steel industry where companies are able to import steel, manufacture and install products for use right at the Port and elsewhere around the region.

Decades of planning ensures that next generations can live, work and play right here in Kalama and put their own stamp—and pride—on high-visibility projects in their home community.

Let’s celebrate!


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Discover! Did you know that the Port of Kalama has been honored for its many contributions to education and student advancement?

Did you know that the Port of Kalama has been honored for its many contributions to education and student advancement?

The Port of Kalama and the Kalama School District work closely together to create a tangible connection for students between the classroom, local industry and real world career and job opportunities. And they are plentiful—right here at home.

Industries at the Port of Kalama employ more than 1,000 people. And there are Fortune 500 companies right here conducting global business and commerce including import/export, manufacturing, marketing, welding and steel work, recycling, trucking and myriad other commercial and industrial enterprises. They choose Kalama for its ideal location in the heart of the Pacific Northwest on the highway, railroad and river.

Through work at the Kalama Career Fair and engaging Port businesses in educational programs, the Port of Kalama has built a close relationship between students, the faculty of Kalama Schools and the Port’s business partnersand the Port offers students opportunities to meet members of the business community and learn about work and career opportunities at the Port and among Port industries.

Earlier this year the Port of Kalama and Executive Director Mark were honored with the 2018 Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) Community Leadership Award for the Columbia River Region. The award recognizes Port of Kalama’s many contributions to the Kalama School District: The Port was instrumental in organizing the Kalama High School Career Fair and recruiting Port businesses to participate in an effort to educate students on career and job opportunities in the region and at the Port.

“Mark Wilson and Port of Kalama commissioners have been instrumental in forging a cooperative new direction for district-port relations. Through these efforts, the Kalama School District has engaged Port and Cowlitz businesses in the Kalama Days Career Fair promoting career awareness among Kalama students and giving them increased motivation to do well in school,” says Mike Nerland, WASA Honorary Awards Committee Columbia River Region 112. “Your efforts have also helped foster the development of a STEM network in Cowlitz County. We thank you for your support of students and families in Kalama School District and throughout Cowlitz County.”

The Port continues to offer opportunities to meet members of the business community and learn about the work they do—improving the understanding of the business activities here and educating students about the many businesses and global industries right here in the community.

Here’s to an inspiring new school year!

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Port of Kalama schedules contractors to lower weather-worn Totem Pole at Marine Park for further evaluation

While the Lelooska Totem Poles are beloved structures hosted at the Port of Kalama, time and weather exposure have taken their toll. As a result, the Port of Kalama has engaged a team of industrial contractors to lower the tallest of the poles to examine its condition and determine next steps.

Experts from JH Kelly industrial mechanical contracting and Ness Campbell crane and rigging are scheduled to be on site at Marine Park to lower the 140’ icon the week of September 17th—weather conditions will determine the exact day of operations. There will be two cranes on site to maneuver the totem pole to the ground and an I-beam will be installed along the back of the aging totem to offer additional support.

Marine Park—including walking paths, playground and parking area—will be closed intermittently during the days of operations likely from September 17th through the 20th. The public is encouraged to avoid the area those days as there will be no safe area for viewing.

“Taking down a 140’ structure will be a feat, and engineers will need a lot of space to work within so we’ll be closing the area to support their efforts to lower the pole in one piece,” says Liz Newman, marketing manager, Port of Kalama. “Following this project, the Port will store the totem pole near the amphitheater and continue to work with the family that owns them to identify the next best steps.”

The Port earlier this summer engaged engineering experts to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the tallest pole and its current ability to withstand strong winds and other weather. Early findings show impairment has affected the structural integrity of the pole—and thus the public safety of keeping it installed. Staff then worked with the engineering team to determine the best way to move the pole without creating further damage.

Port of Kalama Board of Commissioners declared the project to take down the 140’ pole an emergency action and instructed staff to immediately investigate options to remove the pole. An emergency action is taken when there’s a risk to public safety.

The Port is in close communications with the family who owns the totem poles to determine the best solution to potentially restore and maintain them.

The Port encourages visitors to be aware of contractor activity in the area around the structures the week of September 17th and to watch for further updates on the totem pole on the Port’s social media and blog pages.

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Discover! Our Working Rivers: Did you know Port of Kalama is an internationally-renowned marine terminal?

Three main rivers running through the Pacific Northwest—the Columbia River, Willamette River and the Snake River—all support the livelihood of our communities, economy, recreation and quality of life. More than 40,000 jobs in the Pacific Northwest exist because of our strong maritime commerce. And tons and tons of Pacific Northwest grain is being transported by barges traveling over these thoroughfares on their way to the Port of Kalama for export to communities around the globe.

Because of this efficiency and proximity to Pacific Rim customers, farmers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington use the ports on the Snake River to send their wheat to deep draft ports like the Port of Kalama on the Columbia River. From there, grain is loaded onto ocean-going ships to feed consumers around the world. Check out this video of how Washington wheat is expertly transported through the river system to destination grain terminals like those at the Port of Kalama.

It’s kind of a big deal!

Did you know that the Port of Kalama is an internationally-renowned marine terminal and home to some of the most efficient grain export facilities on the west coast? Temco LLC stores and handles grains like corn, soybeans and wheat for export from the Pacific Northwest to ports around the world. Today, 50 million tons of cargo travel up and down the Columbia River.

The Columbia River is the third largest grain export gateway in the world, exporting more than 50% of the nation’s wheat. At the Port of Kalama, the Temco terminal handles up to 250 million bushels of grain per year and employs 120 local workers loading as much as 2 million bushels of grain every 24 hours.

Together, Port of Kalama companies and facilities employ 1,024 individuals, reported nearly $10 million in marine terminal operating revenues and accounted for nearly 14 million tons of grain exports in 2017.

Temco leases export facilities and terminals at the Port of Kalama providing a long-term revenue stream to the Port of Kalama that pays for infrastructure investments and other high-return economic activity. Such investments are part of the Port’s comprehensive plan to ensure that the jobs and local opportunities at the facilities continue long into the future.

Our River. Our Livelihood. Our Quality of Life.

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Port of Kalama continues beach nourishment project to enhance riverfront recreational areas

The Port of Kalama next week commences maintenance dredging at the Temco LLC berth to ensure the draft necessary for cargo ships at the terminal. The Port commission voted to award the $814,212 dredging contract to HME Construction. The routine maintenance project will commence on Tuesday, September 4th and is expected to last three weeks.

The dredging procedure will remove sand in front of the Temco terminal and then use the material to continue beach nourishment on the Port of Kalama riverfront at Louis Rasmussen Park. The beach nourishment process, which is a continuation of the project started last fall, will temporarily impact some beaches at the park commencing Tuesday, September 4th. The last complete beach nourishment project took place in the 1980s. The Port is rebuilding the beach so it can continue to be used for recreation.

All parks will remain open but the beach at Louis Rasmussen Park will be closed to the public to accommodate the three-week project. All general business activities at the Port will continue as scheduled.

“It’s that time of year we need to act on outdoor renovation and improvement projects for the facilities we enjoy here,” said Liz Newman, marketing manager, Port of Kalama. “These projects are part of the Port’s effort to maintain and improve Port recreational facilities for visitors as well as maintain shipping access for Port businesses, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. We urge the public to call the Port with any questions or concerns and please visit the Port of Kalama Facebook page for posted updates on the projects.”

For more information call 360-673-2325 or visit us at Facebook for updates and notices.

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