As businesses continue to find Kalama a perfect location to grow, the small community celebrates Earth Day with an extensive list of recognition for environmental stewardship

Just 30 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, business and community development are booming at the Port of Kalama. With more than 30 companies employing over 1000 people, the Port of Kalama offers a prime location for companies seeking industrial land and exceptional move-in-ready industrial buildings.

The Port’s sweeping riverfront industrial acreage with easy access to all modes of transportation is attracting new and emerging businesses—all while offering a pristine natural environment for recreation, sporting and nature enthusiasts.

At the core of the Port of Kalama’s mission is a promise to carefully evaluate community investments to create jobs and enhance public recreational opportunities all while protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources. That careful  balance is in the DNA of every single project the Port embarks upon. It is the Port’s job to ensure that environment, economy and community assets are thoughtfully planned to work in harmony with one another.

It’s a balancing act and it’s not always easy, but we strive to do the right thing to ensure Kalama’s quality of life. Always.

From the new Spencer Creek Business Park to a new building in the Kalama River Industrial Park, McMenamins locating here, and international businesses like Northwest Innovation Works choosing Kalamaall of these exist thanks to years and years of contemplation, collaboration, diligent planning—and a commitment to protecting the  culture here. And all bring incredible economic opportunity to this community in the way of tax dollars for infrastructure like roads, as well as jobs.

It’s Earth Day Every Day at Port of Kalama

The Port of Kalama is dedicated to preserving Kalama’s natural environment through community service projects and has been awarded numerous honors for environmental stewardship:

  • The Port supports the Lower Columbia River Fish Enhancement Group for salmon habitat restoration at the lower Kalama River. The Port has invested in structures built along the shoreline to provide shelter and safe feeding areas for young salmon.
  • The Port participated in the Kalama River Clean-up with river conservation nonprofit, RiverJunky. The Port provided removal of all waste, debris and materials from the site after clean-up efforts.
  • The organization installed environmentally friendly lighting and climate control in the new Administrative Building.
  • Water-infiltration systems were installed to avoid stormwater discharge at the Industrial Park, Marina, and Port-owned facilities and buildings.
  • The Port is consistently awarded outstanding performance recognition for wastewater treatment by State Department of Ecology award.
  • A marina restoration project is proposed to not only enhance access to the facility but to performs environmental upgrades and safeguards to protect shoreline and river
  • The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) awarded the Port of Kalama with the top Environmental Excellence Award in the navigation dredging category.
  • Port of Kalama was named Washington State Port of the Year in 2015 for combining long-term vision and innovative planning to create jobs and quality of life.
  • The Port received the Pathways 2020 Community Champions Award for its significant community contributions.


The Port of Kalama ensures that everything we enjoy about our town—the business, the environment and our wonderful recreational opportunities are all working together.  Our mission is to balance the needs of our community with stringent environmental protection and we invest in things that make Kalama a better place to live.

Please join us in celebrating this beautiful community we have created together.