Welcome Summer! There’s no better season to enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor recreation that abound here in Kalama.

As a key contributor to the Kalama community, the Port is responsible for providing and enhancing public recreational opportunities. Nestled on the banks of the Columbia River, the Port of Kalama is home to miles of walking paths, water activities and world-class fishing, a state-of-the-art marina and acres of public parks.

Port of Kalama’s celebrated parks offer:


The Port operates and maintains these gorgeous parks for the community to enjoy—and all at no cost to the public. Come visit!


Port of Kalama’s Transportation Interpretive Center

NEW WEEKEND HOURS 11a – 4p Saturday and Sunday

In addition to public parks and recreational amenities, the Port of Kalama opened a beautiful Transportation Interpretive Center in November, 2014 to showcase its rich history. Exhibits track Kalama’s early inhabitants, the Cowlitz Tribe, and the settlers that followed over the next 100 plus years including renowned Oregon Trail writer Ezra Meeker. Displays illustrate how Kalama’s particular landscape gave birth to a booming transportation system impacting the area both culturally and economically— ultimately transforming the area into its position today as an internationally-connected community. The Interpretive Center not only tells the story of how Kalama was settled but treats visitors to artful display models and replicas.


River Cam

Sponsored by McMenamins Kalama Harbor Lodge and Port of Kalama
Kalama, WA
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