No taxes! Decades of strategic planning by past port commissioners continues to ensure the required revenue to maintain port facilities, parks and services for all residents with no taxes added. Every year the Port of Kalama commission is required to declare whether it will levy property taxes on residents living in the Port district area. With careful planning and project management, the port continues to maintain all long-term economic development projects as well as public facilities with the existing revenue it collects from business operations.

Regional residents are beneficiaries of the significant capital investment of the businesses here at the Port of Kalama. Revenue from wharf usage, leases, and other business fees enable the Port to fulfill its mission of inducing capital investment in an environmentally responsible manner to create jobs and to enhance public recreational opportunities. Thanks to port businesses and the port’s commitment to serving the public with parks, industrial facilities and marine terminals, walking paths and creating a unique tourist destination, locals can enjoy the bounty without paying a cent in taxes.

About 78% of the Port’s value is invested in capital assets which include land, buildings, docks, improvements such as roads and utilities, and equipment which are valued at over $132 million, The Port owns and manages over 1,000 acres of property which includes our parks.  Major recent projects included building the new amphitheater, upgrading playground facilities at Haydu Park, adding two new warehouses at the Industrial Park, and completion of the marina parking and trail project.

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