The growing steel sector at the Port of Kalama exemplifies the economic circle of life core to the mission of the Port commission—creating job opportunities for the Kalama community and the entire region.

An incredible new video tells the story of the economic circle of life created by this growing steel cluster:  Port of Kalama’s Economic Circle of Life.

Steel manufacturing companies at the Port hire local workers for jobs that will employ generations to come. Steel imports start overseas and reach the Port of Kalama where longshore workers receive the raw materials, which are removed from the ships, and distributed to a variety of industrial companies and manufacturers.

The steel then reaches the workers at Steelscape Washington LLC who process the steel into coils for use by the manufacturers and in turn route the materials to companies like Bridger Steel to create building products for customers and end users. Many of the manufactured products go into the very buildings we are erecting here at the Port—where more jobs are created to serve the new companies setting up operations here.

The commerce created by the industrial sector here is huge for next generations coming up who can live, work and play right here in Kalama and put their own stamp—and pride—on high-visibility projects in their home .

It’s a complete circle of life and we are so honored to be a part of an economic system that employs so many of our friends and neighbors.

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Kalama, WA
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