Mark Wilson

Executive Director
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Liz Newman

Marketing and Communication Manager
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Tabitha Reeder

Environmental Manager
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Eric Yakovich

Economic Development Manager
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Mindy Heuer

Finance Manager
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Jackie Cimino

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Michelle Cournyer

Executive Assistant / Records and Document Management
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Heidi Souvenir

Human Resources Administrator / Benefits Manager
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Katie Johnson

Receptionist / Clerk
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Paul Morin

Recreation/Tourism Administrator / Harbor Master
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Bryce Smith

Marine Terminal Administrator
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Darin Sampson

Field and Maintenance Superintendent
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Jeff Rinck

Field and Maintenance Operations
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Craig Thelen

Field and Maintenance Operations
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Jon Watts

Grounds Keeper
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Russell Watts

Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator III
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Ryan Goodwin

Grounds Keeper / Facilities Technician
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