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Discover the Port

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The Port of Kalama sits on the Columbia River in Southwest Washington, immediately off of Interstate 5—situated in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, just 30 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon, and approximately 120 miles south of Seattle, Washington. The Port of Kalama includes six miles of riverfront property adjacent to the 43′ federally-maintained deep draft navigation channel of the Columbia River.  The Port is served by the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific railroads. This excellent transportation infrastructure makes the Port of Kalama ideally suited for businesses of all kinds.

Discover the Port

The Port of Kalama is a key source of family wage jobs in Cowlitz County. The Port offers employers an array of properties, from developable land to industrial buildings and international shipping facilities.

The Port will continue its tradition of creating opportunities for business and recreation in future years, with major investment planned in the Spencer Creek Business Park, North Port marine industrial development, public recreation and tourist attractions. The Port also envisions continued growth in the Kalama River Industrial Park’s cadre of flexible industrial properties.

As the Port continues to attract tenants to existing properties, it will seek mission-suited opportunities to enhance its holdings and acquire property as fiscally responsible.

But that’s not all. The Port of Kalama also celebrates an extensive list of environmental and economic awards, recreational treasures and reputation as an approachable, friendly climate for businesses and guests. And in 2015, Port of Kalama was named Port of the Year in Washington State; a distinct honor awarded for outstanding long-term vision, innovation and community collaboration to create jobs and improve quality of life—all things the Port was created to do.

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Discover the Port
Discover the Port

At the core of the Port of Kalama’s mission is a promise to carefully evaluate community investments to create jobs and enhance public recreational opportunities all while protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources. That careful balance is in the DNA of every single project the Port embarks upon.

It is the Port’s job to follow our Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements to ensure that the environment, economy and community assets are thoughtfully planned to work in harmony with one another.

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