As a key contributor to the Kalama community, the Port elects to provide and enhance public recreational opportunities. In fact, ensuring public recreational opportunities on Port property is explicitly stated in the Port’s mission statement.

And we take that directive seriously! The Port of Kalama has created—and is home to—miles of scenic walking paths, riverfront beaches, a recently renovated marina and acres of public parks.

Over the years, organizations, individuals and groups in our community have looked at our parks as ideal venues to gather, celebrate and host recreational activities. With an increased demand for community events, concerts and public activities at Marine Park, last year the Port carefully considered the community benefits of creating a small public amphitheater to better accommodate those groups.

The intent was to create a more enjoyable guest experience at events like the ones we’ve been enjoying here for decades such as the Blues and Hawaiian Festivals and the Festival of Lighted Boats to name just a few.  Establishing a permanent stage and electrical power lowers the cost to event organizers since a stage and generators do not need to be rented for an event.

The Port also developed the amphitheater to support the downtown commercial district and provide an option for enjoying the park after a visit to the community’s core. We are also planning a beautiful new pedestrian overpass to support pedestrian foot traffic to and from the downtown area. It’s another amenity that will benefit all of us.

The amphitheater is nearing completion and the grassy open space we envisioned offers tiered seating for concerts and special events that already attract us to the Kalama waterfront. It’s a beautiful natural setting for events, and the area will be open to the public for picnics, gathering, and just enjoying the park.

Special heartfelt thanks go to one of our newest tenants at the Port, Bridger Steel, for their generous contribution of the beautiful metal roofing for the amphitheater. Port businesses contribute so much more to our community than just jobs and tax revenue—and their partnerships are so very welcomed. Thank you to the local team at Bridger!

Why do we contribute these amenities and features to our community? To make Kalama the most livable, prosperous place it can be. As community stewards our mission is to ensure that the environment, economy and community assets—like the amphitheater—are thoughtfully planned to work in harmony with one another.

Visit any one of our celebrated parks to enjoy:

Visit for more recreational opportunities and public events.

For more information on the amphitheater and other Port recreational facilities, please contact Paul Morin, Recreation Administrator, at 360-673-2325.


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