At the core of the Port of Kalama’s mission is a promise to carefully evaluate community investments to create jobs and enhance public recreational opportunities all while protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources. That careful balance is in the DNA of every single project the Port of Kalama embarks upon. It is the Port’s job to ensure that environment, economy and community assets are thoughtfully planned to work in harmony with one another.

The Port of Kalama is dedicated to preserving Kalama’s natural environment through community service projects and facility enhancements that protect its natural resources:

  • An extensive marina renovation project that offers several significant environmental benefits is currently underway:
    • Replacing solid concrete floats with grated floats that allow sunlight through to minimize predatory habitat;
    • Solid steel access ramps are being upgraded with grated steel also allowing for sunlight and improved ADA-compliant recreational access,;
    • A new fire system will minimize environmental risk related to potential fires in the marina;
    • Old, original creosite timber piles are being replaced with steel.
  • The Port supports the Lower Columbia River Fish Enhancement Group for salmon habitat restoration at the lower Kalama River. The Port has invested in wood structures built along the shoreline to provide shelter and safe feeding areas for young salmon.
  • Water-infiltration systems were installed to avoid stormwater discharge at the Industrial Park, Marina, and Port-owned facilities and buildings.
  • The Port received the Pathways 2020 Community Champions Award in 2017 for its significant community and environmental contributions.


The Port of Kalama ensures that business, the environment and its robust recreational opportunities are all working together.  With a mission to balance the needs of the community with stringent environmental protection, the Port invests in things that make Kalama a better place to live.