What does Earth Day mean to us? It means celebrating our incredible home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—and all of the awe-inspiring natural resources and outdoor assets that define our sense of place here.

As a special district here in Kalama, the Port of Kalama exists to ensure that the environment, recreational amenities and the economy are all healthy and thriving—working together in harmony. With a mission to provide recreational facilities for the community with insightful environmental stewardship—the Port invests in treasures that make Kalama a better place to live.

This Earth Day we celebrate the many recreational and outdoor assets we enjoy in this treasured place we call home. A key part of our mission is to ensure outdoor recreation facilities are planned, developed and maintained for tax-free public use—and this Earth Day we unveil some of our newest contributions to Kalama parks, beaches, marina and other recreational features.

Join us in celebrating these new community enhancements:

  • State-of-the-art playground facilities are now open at Haydu Park.
  • A long-planned community amphitheater is ready to open at Marine Park to host events, concerts and other festivities
  • The Port marina has been renovated to better serve public recreation and ensure environmentally-healthy marine facilities.
  • Port beaches at Rasmussen Park were nourished with clean, fresh sand dredged from the TEMCO berth basin to address beach erosion and maintain healthy fish habitat along a beautiful stretch of shoreline for public enjoyment.

We live here. Many of us are raising our families here—or even grew up here. We invest in things that make Kalama a better place to live.

Now, let’s get outside and play!

Happy Earth Day!






Photos: Saskia Van Verseveld