Look how far you’ve grown, Port of Kalama!

The 1990s exploded with infrastructure improvements that continue to attract new businesses and critical manufacturing facilities.

The arrival of the Australian company BHP Steel in the mid-90s—now called SteelScape—became the anchor for a new, local steel sector attracting other steel businesses to Kalama.

Next, a huge expansion, the Kalama River Industrial Park opened in 2000, ushering in the Port’s construction of 6 new buildings—an investment that reeled in even MORE light industrial tenants, including a glass bottle manufacturer.

The Port’s nurturing of industry and investment in infrastructure is a significant example of how it fulfills its core mission—to use capital investment for economic development, create jobs for the people of Kalama and recreational amenities for the community.

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Way to pay it forward! Happy Centennial, Port of Kalama!

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Kalama, WA
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