The Port of Kalama board of commissioners has awarded the Marine Drive Trail Improvement Project to P. R. Worth, Inc., a Kelso-based civil site work development contractor serving the Pacific Northwest. The project commences the week of March 14 to enhance pathways, landscaping and beautify the Port’s riverfront marina parkway. It is expected to run through mid-summer as the contract has provisions that allow construction to be suspended during the peak spring fishing season when the boat launch and parking are heavily used.

P.R. Worth utilizes best practices and equipment to ensure their projects are environmentally sound.

“We are very conscientious that this project is adjacent to the Columbia River and Port marina area so as a proactive measure we are using 100% water soluble biodegradable hydraulic fluid in our equipment—completely carbon and oil free to fully protect the environment and waterways,” says Preston Worth, President, P. R. Worth, Inc.

Worth adds that in an effort to reduce any carbon footprint associated with the project he commits to buying all products within 100 miles of the Port of Kalama. All subcontractors on the project have been hired locally as well.

Kalama Marina Drive COLOR perspectiveKalama Marina Drive COLOR Section

The marina boardwalk and the pathways to the south of the Port administration building into the park will be open to visitors during construction. Some pathways will be obstructed at the north end of Marine Drive while landscaping and improvements take place though detours will be well-marked. Visitors will still have access to Marine and Rasmussen parks and parking facilities.

Cowlitz County awarded the Port of Kalama a $30,000 grant for the Port of Kalama Trail Improvement Project.  The grant enables the Port to improve pedestrian and vehicle separation along West Marine Drive. The improvements are part of the Port’s mission to enhance recreational opportunities and are expected to be completed by mid-summer.

For additional information, call us at 360-673-2325.


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