C & R Tractor and Landscaping, Inc. will construct changes to the roundabout to accommodate oversized vehicles approximately 125-long

The Port of Kalama board of commissioners has approved a change order in the amount not to exceed $300,000 to implement changes to the roundabout at Spencer Creek Business Park—all to accommodate vehicles approximately 125-feet long and 14-feet wide. C & R Tractor and Landscaping, Inc. will provide construction services to retrofit the roundabout which is a part of the Spencer Creek Business Park Phase 1 development project.

The roundabout design changes include:

• Installing and delineating areas outside the normal design drive lanes that will accommodate oversized equipment when necessary;
• Extending asphalt for these oversized vehicles to utilize when required, moving curbs, re-locating utilities, and installing the required stormwater facilities to treat additional runoff from these expanded impervious areas.
• Installing additional pedestrian and vehicular safety measures in the extended pavement areas.

After studying many alternatives and much coordination with the City of Kalama (City), the initial roundabout plan was designed to accommodate a typical American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) WB-67 truck and trailer which together are 73.5-feet long. That design was approved by the City based on guidance from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and complies with the Development Guidelines and Public Works Standards of the City (available on their website). As with any traffic improvement, the number one goal is public safety. The final design was a balance between the safety of the expected users over the 20-year build-out of the area, sight-lines, traffic speed, and avoiding the adjacent critical areas.

Years of thought and design by the City, Port, and engineers have been invested in this roundabout and traffic pattern project in conjunction with Cowlitz County Public Works and Engineering review. The Port commissioners heard concerns about equipment that may have a challenge in the area when they are loaded with very heavy and wide equipment—and we take those concerns very seriously.

The Port took a conservative approach when first designing the roundabouts, modeling a reasonable drive path for the apparent longest and widest loads. When concerns regarding accommodating larger vehicles, approximately 125-feet long, arose, the Port halted the construction project for further review of the design.

The final lift of asphalt was delayed to accommodate these changes—as was road striping. Adding the lift to the entire project at the same time makes the finish stronger and will help avoid maintenance issues on the finished road surface.

These delays have brought the project into fall and winter months where asphalt installation is impacted by weather, so the Port will need to schedule further construction based on availability of asphalt and weather temperature and rain.

The Port asks for patience from the community as teams work toward the best long-term, low-maintenance solutions that will support industry in the area. The Port understands the inconvenience and is working diligently to complete the next phase as quickly as Mother Nature permits.

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