The Port’s strategic plan includes construction of a small outdoor venue and ongoing improvements to parks for public recreation and enjoyment

The Port of Kalama board of commissioners last night voted to award the Amphitheater and Park Improvements Construction Project contact to Keystone Contracting, Inc., an excavation contractor based in Ridgefield, Washington. The $854,392.08 contract—not including Washington sales tax— includes construction of a small outdoor amphitheater and maintenance at Marine Park. The project is expected to run between May and July 2018.

Th contract includes excavation, grading, and concrete to create seating, and construction of a covered stage as well as:


“Part of the Port’s mission is to create recreational opportunities for the community—these improvements and the addition of a small outdoor venue for public events fulfill that goal,” says Randy Sweet, president, Port of Kalama board of commissioners. “With increased use of Port parks, the intent is to create more diverse and enjoyable guest experiences at events like the ones the region has been enjoying for decades such as the Blues and Hawaiian Festivals among others.”

The Port of Kalama has long considered the community benefits of creating a small public amphitheater on the Kalama waterfront to accommodate a growing number of events, concerts and public activities.

“We envision a grassy open space with tiered seating for concerts and special events that already attract us to the Kalama waterfront—the area will be open to the public except during special events,” says Sweet. “A significant benefit is that the stage and seating will be in a natural setting; the stage will be covered and power will be permanently installed for ease of planning community events.”

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