The Port of Kalama board of commissioners last week voted to award the Central Port Storm Water and Lot Improvement Construction Project contract to Barcott Construction, LLC located in Chehalis, Washington. The $428,140.00 contract—not including Washington sales tax— includes improvements to water quality and improving the site for increased industrial use. The project is expected to run through the end of June.

The contract includes construction in the Central Port Industrial Area including:

  • Construction of a storm water infiltration pond and capping existing outfalls to the Columbia River,
  • Installing storm water lines to direct storm water to the new infiltration facility,
  • Demolishing two unusable buildings,
  • Removing concrete structures and utilities from the old Columbia Fiber site, and
  • Minor fill and asphalt of existing depressions in the lot.


The improvements are part of the Port’s strategic plan to balance a healthy environment and an inviting business climate. The new infiltration ponds will treat and infiltrate storm water and prevent discharge to the river while the industrial lot improvements will make the area more conducive to leasing for industrial uses and new business.