The City of Kalama Planning Commission has approved the Port of Kalama’s Master Plan to develop 70 acres of Port property to make way for the anticipated Spencer Creek Business Park. The City and Port together earned the 2014 Governor’s Smart Communities Award for their collaboration on planning the multi-use business property which is expected to boost the region’s available commercial property, economy and job opportunities while strengthening the city’s revenue base.

The Spencer Creek Business Park will encompass about 70 acres (3 million square feet) and over 500,000 square feet of space when built-out. The mix of light industrial, office, commercial and retail uses is a boon for a region lacking in developable land. The proposed site uses may include:

Spencer Creek concept


Click for aerial video of Spencer Creek Business Park.

The Port of Kalama and City of Kalama, who worked together to craft a new City Code to enable the flexible, multipurpose development, will collaborate now on the permitting processes for developing the site infrastructure. An economic evaluation is pending to develop the facility in order to create jobs and local revenue in an environmentally responsible fashion.

“This annexation offers terrific benefits to the city and our residents as it expands Kalama’s tax base. We can expect a substantial economic impact and additional funds for important city projects going forward,” said Mayor Pete Poulsen, City of Kalama.  “This partnership between the City and the Port is an excellent example of what can be accomplished with a shared common vision for the future of this fine community.”


The Port envisions a 20-year build-out that started with the creation of a regional recreational draw, Haydu Park.  New business activity will significantly increase employment opportunities and add millions of dollars to local tax revenue rolls. “The City and the Port have worked together to create common planning goals for future development, and we’ve created a road map for establishing a vibrant mixed-use district,” continues Mayor Poulsen.

“The development of this business center—and expansion of neighboring recreational facilities at Haydu Park—support our strategy for economic growth in the Cowlitz region and position Kalama as a relocation destination for diverse industries,” says Randy Sweet, Commission President, Port of Kalama.

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