Kalama’s award-winning recycling business receives favorable state/federal audits for controlled, protected recycling of electronic scrap.


EcoTech Recycling customers —and the environment—can now rest even more assured that the company is delivering the finest processes for the safe recycling of semiconductor, medical, military and aerospace e-scrap, thanks to two new audits and state of the art certification. EcoTech (http://www.ecotechrecycles.com) has just earned the Responsible Recycling Certificate (R2) for internationally recognized environmental management system standards. The award is presented by TÜV SÜD America Inc., a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization.

With this certification, companies like EcoTech Recycling can now merge environmental programs into one coherent system to efficiently manage all environmental activities. In short, according to TÜV SÜD America, the ISO 14001 certification provides organizations with a competitive advantage by demonstrating to their customers that their environmental processes and impact is effectively managed, continually improving, and part of the corporate management system.

“What this news means for our customers is that EcoTech is providing responsible recycling processes for all potentially hazardous electronic scrap – they can trust that we see all recycling processes through step by step,” says Renie Duvall, President, EcoTech Recycling. “We’ve been audited by both state and federal regulators and certified as responsible stewards of both managing scrap streams and the environment.”

In addition to being awarded the Responsible Recycling certificate, EcoTech has also been named one of the state’s eight approved e-Waste processors for disassembling, dismantling, or shredding electronic products. The company recovers materials contained in electronic products and prepares those materials for reclaiming or reuse in new products.

Preferred status means that EcoTech is conforming to performance standards for electronic product recycling as described by the State Department of Ecology.

“Certification also ensures the protection of the Intellectual Property (IP) of our customers’ electronic scrap and waste; we see the process through from start to finish for the safe recycling of semiconductor, electronic, medical, aerospace, and military scrap,” says Duvall.

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