Land acquisition agreement with BNSF approved; consultant team in place and working


Port of Kalama officials announced they have passed two additional milestones in their efforts to clear a pathway for construction of a two-phase $1.8 billion plant to manufacture methanol at a port industrial park.

Approximately 1,000 workers would be employed during several years of construction. Once operational, each phase will employ about 120 people. NW Innovation Works is proposing to build the plant which would manufacture methanol from natural gas.

The first milestone is an agreement with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway to sell approximately two acres of land to the port which is needed to provide dedicated access to the site.

“BNSF acted expeditiously on our offer to acquire the property because they recognize how important this jobs-creating project is to our community,” said Alan Basso, Port Commission President. “We are very grateful for their cooperation.”

Meanwhile, the second milestone cleared is retaining a consultant team to provide expert advice and technical assistance related to the proposed project.

Three firms have been retained:

“These two milestones, together with the agreement between NW Innovation and Northwest Pipeline, are key actions that advance the project,” said Mark Wilson, Executive Director. “This project promises a lot of good local jobs and economic benefits and we’re moving forward with purpose.”

Additional information about the NW Innovation Works proposal can be found at:

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