It’s been a busy year so far welcoming new tenants to the Port of Kalama, furthering our mission and planning for future projects. The commission and staff held their annual Strategic Planning Meeting last week— reviewing projects for 2020 and up to five years of potential activity.

Ports in Washington are required by law to create a Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements—a long-range planning and policy document. Annually, the Port holds a strategic planning meeting to determine specific, near term actions to achieve plans outlined in the Comp Scheme. That process is always open to the public. The strategic plan informs the annual budget process.
The Port Commission helps to create a balanced and diverse industry base to provide living wage jobs and a range of community recreational amenities—all while protecting and enhancing the environment and natural resources. That careful balance is in the DNA of every single project the Port embarks upon.

Some projects include routine activities like dredging at the docks to maintain access, funding our share of Corps of Engineers Columbia River maintenance, and maintaining Port security systems.

Other Port projects under consideration in 2020 include:

• Building an additional Industrial Building for tenants in the Kalama River Industrial Park;
• Purchasing adjacent property in the South Port area
• Next phase of marina renovations;
• Construction of a dock and infrastructure at North Port pending all Northwest Innovation Works project approvals.
• Investigating new infrastructure and programs to support tourism and new businesses.

Last year we planned for and delivered comprehensive marina repairs and upgrades, installed crosswalk safety measures and are completing installation of a light commercial dock near the marina entrance for vessels serving ships calling on Columbia River ports.

Improvements to the waterfront parks took place this year—adding an amphitheater and improving beach access. New playground facilities were constructed at Haydu Park.

Although the plan is long and detailed, like any business we must remain flexible and open to opportunity that will benefit our community. We are ready to respond when those opportunities arise that further our goals for economic development and job creation and recreational assets.

Thank you for all of your continued support! We appreciate it.

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Kalama, WA
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